view into the exhibition hall - Haus der Architektur

low cost houses and pavilions
2016 space ship / kunst und architektur, Matriculation Hall, Technical University Munich
2015 Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, Mawphlang, Meghalaya, Northeast India
2015 ocean dome and buildings, Cape Institut of Architecture, Cape Town, South Africa
2013 - 2014 Haus der Architektur, Bayerische Architektenkammer, Munich, Germany 

At this exhibition minimal constructions and low cost houses are the central themes with the goal to make a contribution to the discussion also for informal city structures. Experimental possibilities are shown on the basis of realized projects or such under construction by Markus Heinsdorff in China, Germany, Ecuador, India and South Africa (photo documentation, models, sketches, exhibits and video).

exhibition plan Munich | pdf
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"folding house" - experimental construction in front of the Haus der Architektur

top view of the exhibition hall Haus der Architektur, first floor - tables with models, plans and displays, boards with picture-text-documentation, Rotor, photomural on water

top view of the exhibition hall Haus der Architektur, second floor - photographs on slum buildings in South Africa by Markus Heinsdorff


"folding house" 2013
concept and design: Markus Heinsdorff
realization and workshop: Chair for Wood Construction, TU München, Prof. Kaufmann under supervision by architects Stefan Krötsch, Mathias Kestel, Christian Schühle 
Team: Julia Schillinger, Michael Mayer, Maximilian Peter, Max Hahner, Clemens Löffelholz, Dimitrij Lakatos, Hannes Götz, Clemens Pizzimini
Support of the folding house by 3M.