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Arten und Elemente  

2019 Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Germany  


The exhibition project "Species and Elements" deals with the complex interplay of man and nature. Six installations inside and outside the museum that were newly created for the exhibition are dedicated to human intervention in natural systems, climate change and the extinction of species, the exploitation of natural resources and their global trade, and thus nature as a commodity.


Room I - Moorsee  
Large wooden table with peat, mosses, grasses and other plants taken from a moor near Bad Feilnbach, Germany. Wood, steel ropes, rope tensioners, pond liner, plants and soil (moor Bad Feilnbach), diameter 400 cm, height 88 cm.


Room IIA - Video contribution to the exhibition by Alexander Kluge 

Room II - see Windraum 


Room III - Algenlabor 
In two machines different algae are cultivated, which grow and are removed during the exhibition. Algae are used to produce plant substances for the food industry, which are expected to be of great importance for human nutrition in the future. 


Laboratory shaker with 6 types of algae, base steel with rollers, 96 × 50 × 65 cm; red plastic barrels for algae solution; laboratory algae production machine, glass tubes, plastic hoses, algae solution spirulina, rollable plastic container (125 × 45 × 45 cm), pump, sensors, electronic control, UV light, steel frame with rollers, 204 × 200 × 100 cm


Base with natural spirulina blue, 100 × 100 × 70 cm; laboratory algae production machine


Raum IV - see Panguana 


Room V - Flora and Fauna Collection  
In 26 showcases, a heavy-duty shelf and hanging on the wall, hundreds of findings from nature are presented, sorted according to their locations all over the world. 


Table showcases, multiplex panels in birch, glass, galvanised sheet steel profiles, natural exhibits from various countries, each 85 x 67 x 87 cm; heavy-duty shelf in galvanised sheet steel 220 x 112 x 30 cm; wooden table with castors 92 x 200 x 80 cm, exhibit boxes in cardboard.


Room VI - Material and Research Eighteen-part photograph of a quarry in Meghalaya, India; 15 glasses with different metals and raw materials





  Inner courtyard - Selten und bedroht
Greenhouse as modular lightweight construction with domestic, endangered plants; Greenhouse consisting of 2 halves with 5 shelves each, screen printing plates, transparent membrane, plants, diameter 150 cm each, height 228 cm. 


Exterior - Salzblock 
Used overseas container with pressed salt cube; container 20 ft, 234.8 x 259.1 x 605.8 cm, salt block 120 x 120 x 120 cm, 1.8 t salt from salt mine Berchtesgaden, Germany, wooden pallet


Exterior - see Insektenbox  


"If we want to perceive and respond to the weird and twisted relationship we have to the oceans, the plants, the animals, that is to say, to what we ourselves come from correctly, we not only need a mirror reflecting it one to one. What we need is a magic mirror. And that is art." Alexander Kluge  

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