Royal Castles - Residences II / Königshäuser - Residenzen II
2008 Exhibition, Gallery – South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China
2007 Exhibition, Changfa Towers - Daxinggong Square, Nanjing, China

The installation continues the Image-Sound-Exhibition “Royal Castles – Residences” of 2006. The series was enlarged 2008 with 10 more castles and shows a selection of the most important castles, manor houses and park buildings of the state of Bavaria in Germany.

The single image installations consist of two image- and two sound-elements at a time.The sounds, which are coming straight out of the image area, are a mixture, a melange of the sounds of the environment with music from the times when the castles were built.

The playback is working with resonance spools which are inserted into the backsides of the images. New sound program transmissions let the plates vibrate in a way that they are working like loudspeakers. The images themselves are emerging this way to the sources of the sound.

Burg Burghausen, Burg Lauenstein, Veste Coburg, Schloss Mespelbrunn, Schloss Ansbach, Residenz Würzburg, Schloss Aschaffenburg, Willibaldsburg Eichstätt, Neues Schloss Schleißheim, Schloss Herrenchiemsee.