Mae Ping River
2005 Exhibition Hall, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Aerial view of a river, photographed on a length of ca. 100 km with 180 pictures, starting at the spring near Chiang Dao going on to the City of Chiang Mai. The pictures were taken out of a plane, following the river from a height of 1000 m. The sequence of the single pictures is presenting the course of the river as a consecutive vein in a constantly changing, naturally and artificially mutated landscape. Starting at the source before Chiang Dao until the city of Chiang Mai, always following the course of the river and its bends. By creating a series of individual images, the river form becomes visible as a continuous vein in the naturally and artificially changed landscape. In a second session, the river was pictured from the water. Both perspectives, from the air and on the water, form a complex picture of the landscape. In the exhibition 180 continuous river pictures - from the source to the city - were shown as a picture book and landscape panorama in three rows above each other with a total length of 55 metres.  

2005 Exhibition Hall Chiang Mai University

Exhibition of 180 river pictures in 3 rows with 55m length. It shows the river from its source to the city as a continuous band.





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