Rotor - mobile hydro - Prototyp iV

Prototype IV is a further development of the micro hydropower plant (Rotor Prototype I), which offers the possibility to generate electricity in regions without access to electricity in the simplest way. The idea is a decentralised energy supply that can replace diesel generators. The aim is to prevent local supply poverty in developing and emerging countries. 
Mobile hydro was further developed in 2012 following its success at the Siemans Foundation's empowering people Awards in Nairobi. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 1.3 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. Among these, about 300 million people live in rural areas near rivers. Electricity supply plays an essential role in improving living conditions and economic development.

open source concept
In order to generate a maximum reach, the project team around Markus Heinsdorff decided in 2016 to develop an open source access for the mobile micro power plant. Anyone interested can implement the project using simple techniques and download all the information and building instructions on the website.

Concept and design: Markus Heinsdorff
Technical Implementation: Andreas Zeiselmair
Technical support and construction: Johannes Deckert
open source support: Mathias Menzinger
as well as further helpers and supporters