View of insect box with peep-box and red list of endagered insects


An insect observation station was installed as part of Markus Heinsdorff's exhibition "Species and Elements" in the Ismaninger Schlosspark. At night, the park's insects can be observed on an illuminated screen, comparable to the catching screen in Panguana. On the other side of the box is a peep-box showing the red list of endangered insect species on 71 pages in A4. 
Box consisting of screen printing plates, spruce wood, plexiglass, canvas, solar panels, controller, solar battery, LED light, LED black light, red list as A4 prints on paper. 

Object consulting: Dr. Andreas Segerer, Head Conservator, Zoologische Staatssammlung Munich
Red lists were provided by the Bundesamt für Naturschutz 

red list of endagered insects I pdf german