Mobile Space III, IV

2012/13 "Germany and India, Urban Mela" - White Crystal, White and Silver
Pavilion buildings for the  presentation of Germany in India

Development and realization of 16 unique pavilion object buildings as textile multifunctional rooms (exhibition, presentation, conference, concert, event) with 6 different construction types as lightweight steel constructions. 

The outside design of the buildings was inspired by the crystalline shapes of polished gems as well as the topic cloth / woven material. The pavilions can be combined with each other, attached and the facing construction adapted in material (steel, wood, different membranes) and appearance. The pavilions with appropriate fire protection are translucent and available in different colors double- and single-walled for different climate regions. All pavilions are completely recyclable. The different construction materials like steel, wood, polyvinyl coated textiles (membrane) in different colors/sizes are screwed or connected with tension belts and therefore easily disassembled and repaired

White Crystal
Type 3A Partner Pavilion
2 buildings merged of three structures each, hexagon form, differently colored facades 
ground space in total 225 sqm plus connection space,
height 4 m, single-walled facingopaque/translucent

White and Silver
Type 4  Partner Pavilion 
3 buildings with differently colored facades
decagon form, ground space 75 sqm, height 4 m
single-walled facing opaque/translucent

White and Silver
Typ 4 Partner-Pavillon

Pavilion used as temporary workspace during construction period

Planning: Markus Heinsdorff, Munich, Germany (Design); Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart, Germany (Structural Planning); Architekturbüro Bachschuster, Ingolstadt, Germany (Architectural Planning)

Consulting: Dr. Krekeler Generalplaner, Brandenburg/Havel, Germany (Technical Project Management); Koch Membranen, Rimsting/Chiemsee, Germany (Consulting Membranes)

Construction, Infrastructure & Maintenance (5-City-Tour): Swift Exhibits, Gurgaon, India (General Contractor, Steelworks, Overlay Services); McCoy Architectural Systems, Navi Mumbai, India (Membranes)