German-Chinese Esplanade IV & V
2009 Jiangtan Esplanade, Wuhan, China
2009 Zhongshan Park, Shenyang, China

This initiative from the Federal Republic of Germany last from 2007 to 2010. The main idea: to present for a limited time in selected mega cities of China on a choosen central square a designing how future urban and living spaces could be by German imaginations and visions. 2009 different buildings, pavilions and installions were showen in summer in Shenyang and in autumn in Wuhan.

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Zhongshan Park, Shenyang

Siteplan Wuhan Yangtse River

Project partner / team:

Design and concept: Markus Heinsdorff, Munich, Germany
Planning implementation:
Diamond and Navette Pavilion: Werkhart International, architect’s office, Beijing, China
Lotus, Conference and Central Exhibition P528avilion: MUDI Architects, Shanghai, China
Consultant for supporting structures: Dipl.-Ing. W. G. Schachl, Munich, Germany
Consultant for joining techniques: Andreas Wilke, designer, Aidenried, Germany
Building construction: Oriental Expo Services, Shanghai, China
Structural analysis and design: Architect’s and Engineering Office, University of Tongji, Shanghai, China
Communication and project consultation: Tong Lingfeng, architect, Shanghai, China