Garden Expo Chongqing - Foto: Wilfried Eckstein
photo: Wilfried Eckstein

Garden Expo Pavillon
2011/2012 8th International Garden Expo, Chongqing, China

Redesign of a bamboo pavilion from the event series „Germany and China - Gemeinsam in Bewegung“ (DuC) within a project garden created by the landscape architects Valentien&Valentien. The circular pavilion is built of diagonally oriented natural-bamboo tubes with a size of 70 sqm floor area, 100 sqm membrane roof and 5 m height in a self-supporting way. The inner facing is completely encased by silver stainless steel textiles.
In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Shanghai on the topic “sustainable urbanization”.

Garden Expo Chingqing - Skizze/Plan Valentien & Valentien
sketch/plan Valentien & Valentien
Cooperation: see Expo Shanghai