Projects - Countries
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo 2012: exhibition, installation, workshop, lecture 
Peru - Lima / Panguna 2012/16: lecture, research, documentation
Ecuador - Province Morodo / Yuwientsa 2009: building, research 
USA - New York / Boston 1998: exhibition, installation
Qatar - Doha 2014: group exhibition
South Africa - Cape Town / Johannesburg 2013/15: exhibition, installation, workshop, lecture
Tunesia - Siliana / Tabarka 2020/2021: building
Zanzibar - Michamvi 2014/16: building, workshop, lecture
Austria - Insbruck / Krems 1997/98: installation, workshop, lecture
France - Agen / Boisbuchet-Lessac 1993/94/2009/12/15: building, installation, workshop
Germany - Aichach / Blumenthal / Augsburg / Berlin / Bernried / Beuerberg-Boschhof / Darmstadt /
Dresden / Heidenheim / Herford / Ismaning / Koblenz / Köln / Lingen / Mittenwald / Munich / 
Nuremberg / Poing / Schiltach / Stuttgart, Wiesloch 1985 2021: exhibition / installation, lecture, workshop
Hungary - Csórompuszta/Dunaújváros 2016/19: exhibition, installation, workshop
Italy - Cuma-Neapel / Milan / Rom-Via Salaria km 43 / Sardinia-Cagliari / Venice 1980-89/99/2021exhibition, installation, workshop
Netherlands - Rotterdam 2016: installation
UK - Manchester / Affetside 1998: building, installation
China - Anji / Beijing / Chengdu / Chongqing / Guangzhou / Hangzhou / Nanjing / Shanghai / Shenyang / Wuhan / Xian 2005/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/14/15/19: building, exhibition, installation, lecture, workshop
India - Hyderabad / Mumbai / NewDehli / Pune / Chennai / Bangalore / Mawphlang 2008/11/12/15: building, exhibition, installation, lecture, workshop
Indonesia - Bali-Ubud / Java-Jakarta / Bandung 2002/06/07: exhibition, installation, lecture, workshop
Japan - Tokio 2016: lecture
Taiwan - Nantou / Taipeh 2011: exhibition, workshop, lecture
Thailand - Bangkok / Chiang Mai / Pai 2005/06/07/09: exhibition, installation, lecture, workshop
Vietnam - Hanoi 2007: exhibition, workshop, lecture


Light field
5 March - 31 May 2021 - Blumenthal Castle, Aichach, Germany
Markus Heinsdorff developed an "art-light installation on the theme of flight" from orange life jackets, 144 wooden steles, wire and LED lamps. For this purpose, original life jackets of refugees were collected from the Mediterranean beaches, disassembled, sewn back into lengths of fabric and used to make 144 luminaires (H 40 x D 26 cm), which are mounted on the 4 m high steles. Evenly spaced 2.5 m apart, they cover 750 square metres of the castle courtyard and transform it into a glowing field of orange-red lights every night. Visitors can learn more about the project and the situation of situation of refugees worldwide and in Europe. The object steles can be purchased by anyone as a follow-up action and rebuilt anywhere as an impressive "sign". The proceeds will be used to will be used to support refugees. A project in cooperation with the community Schloss Blumenthal - see further information "Leuchtenfeld".


Paper Box House
May - June 2021 - GAD Giudecca Art District, Venice, Italy
For the GAD exhibition on the occasion of the 17th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2021 under the title "the space we live in" Markus Heinsdorff experiments with the properties and use of space. His central installation is the walk-in "Paper Box House" made of 1500 used fruit and vegetable boxes. It is a work of art as well as a "recyclable materials and architecture vision" on the subject of "building with waste".  In this way he wants to show that simple and at the same time well-designed buildings can be built as rooms or even houses from the material that lies around everywhere as waste. The need for this is great, after all, over 70 million people worldwide are currently homeless and more than a billion live in inadequate housing. 
Giudecca 211/B 30133 Venice


Out of waste
2020-2019 - Workshop with the University of Applied Science Munich, Germnany
Interdisciplinary Master Studio (WS 50 students) "OUT OF WASTE". Using waste and regional building materials, simple variable and expandable building systems are to be developed, which enable locals to construct habitable spatial units without special knowledge and with a few tools. Markus Heinsdorff (concept) with the Studio AD_Architectur, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Langenberg in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schuler and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer.