Alexander Kluge - Pluriversum
30.05.2019 until 29.09.2019 - Literaturhaus München
Contribution to Alexander Kluge's exhibition Pluriversum, Die Poetische Kraft der Theorie


Markus Heinsdorff - Arten und Elemente
30.05.2019 until 15.09.2019 - Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, exhibition opening on 29.05.2019 at 6 pm. 
The exhibition project "Arten und Elemente" deals with the complex interplay of man and nature and at the same time makes the richness of nature and its overwhelming, sometimes destructive power tangible to the senses. In six room-filling, custom-designed installations in the interior and exterior of the museum, Heinsdorff addresses human intervention in natural systems, climate change and the extinction of species, the exploitation of natural resources and their global trade, i.e. nature as a commodity.
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Markus Heinsdorff - Installations and art structures
lecture in German - Installations and art structures. About new forms of art.
25.06.2019 at 7 pm, 
free admission, Kultursaal im Rathaus Stein, organiser: Faber-Castell Academy - Markus Heinsdorff is an internationally active and well-known artist in the border areas between installation, architecture and photography. He is a workshop discussion partner at the Fine Arts and Graphic Design departments of the Faber-Castell Academy.
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Slag Stone House - Goethe-Institute Hungary and ICA-D
14.06.2019 until 10.07.2019 - ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros, Hungary
3.5 m high and 6 t heavy object construction bricked from blast furnace slag/stones, which accumulate as waste product with the steel production in the local industry. The project was realised as part of the initiative "Ortsgespräche" (local calls), which, under the direction of the Goethe-Institut Hungary, is dedicated to the themes of Europe, structural change and cultural promotion in the periphery.
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Markus Heinsdorff - Installations 
lecture in German  - Art and architecture as an impulse for ecological and social change
01.03.2019 at 8 pm, entrance free, Schloss Blumenthal, Remise 2, Aichach

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space ship - Buchheim Museum
29.07.2018 until 15.10.2018 - Bernried, Germany, Lake Starnberg - As its second station, the object installation space ship will anchor in front of the Buchheim Museum. The 7 meter long and 5,6 meter high art object takes up current architectural themes for low-cost building and floating houses for flood areas. As part of a performance, it will be inhabited by Markus Heinsdorff during some days in August - for dates see flyer and Buchheim Museum - and can be visited by those interested with a boat transfer. In 2016, the space ship was on display in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne for six weeks in cooperation with the Architekturmuseum of the Technical University of Munich.
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Shelter and Vernacular - Bayerische Architektenkammer BYAK Nuremberg
12.09.2018 until 24.10.2018 - after the exhibition during July/August at the Collection of Building Materials of the Chair of Building Construction and Material Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Munich, the project is now shown in extended form at the Bayerische Architektenkammer BYAK in Nuremberg - Markus Heinsdorff and the architect and publicist Christian Schittich have been dealing with both themes - shelter and vernacular - on their journeys to the most diverse cultures with the help of photography for decades. By means of various categories, mainly structured in relation to the building materials used, they shed light on the theme of "simple building" from two different perspectives. Photographs by Markus Heinsdorff and Christian Schittich.
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German-Chinese House - reconstruction [to the project]
2018, Hangzhou, China, new museum quarter - After seven years, the German-Chinese House, which was the second German pavilion at the Expo Shanghai in 2010, was reconstructed true to the original in the new museum quarter of the city of Hangzhou and thus, as exhibition space, became part of the museum complex. Hangzhou is famous for its West Lake, which has already been described by Marco Polo, and its bamboo forests. At the same time, the majority of the bamboo laminates used for facades and floors originally came from production companies in the region. 


tensegrity sphere [to the project]
2018, Wiesloch, Germany - Spherical shaped construction with 4,6 m diameter, consisting of 30 rods and 30 ropes where no rod touches another. The 2,8 m long rods are held in their position only by 10 mm thick and 3 m long steel ropes. The extraordinary thing about this principle is the separation or connection of solid and flexible materials such as rods and robes and thus the creation of a completely new construction technique. Financed and initiated by "Bürgerstiftung Kunst für Wiesloch e.V." The technical principle of bar-rope construction called "Tensegrity" originates from the American designer, visionary and philosopher Buckminster Fuller (1895 -1983), who is still considered one of the most important developers of geodesic domes.
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